Tutor Instructions

Maths Pathway is based on a mastery model of learning. This means the student is only considered to have mastered a topic when they are able to achieve a perfect result on their test related to that topic. There are 2 aspects of mastery considered on the test.

  1. Being able to produce the correct answer to a question on the topic.
  2. Being able to use correct thinking, laying out and logical processes in achieving an answer.

The Maths Pathway online test is very good at determining whether a student can produce the correct answer, but is poor at testing thinking, laying out and logical processes. This is the reason why Maths Pathway has a written test as well as an online test that is reviewed by the classroom teacher. As you have opted for level 2 access, you do not have the ability to generate written tests.

It is up to the tutor, therefore, to determine that the student has achieved the 2nd aspect of mastery. In the absence of a written test, we suggest that you check each module after the student has completed it before allowing the student to mark it off as mastered. The points you should check are as follows:

  • All workbook answers are correct and match closely the processes shown in the module answers.
  • Any time a question has been marked as incorrect, the question has been completely redone.

Level 1 accounts include written tests. These tests are done by the students at home and a photo of the test page is emailed to the Learning About Learning tutor. The tutor marks the written test and provides appropriate feedback based on the second aspect of mastery above. This frees the home tutor of having to monitor each module so closely. You can email support@learningaboutlearning.com.au if you want to request transfer to a level 1 account