Maths Pathway allocates work based on their diagnostic tests. This adaptive testing allows Maths Pathway to determine what your child already knows and what they are ready to learn next. When your child appears to be getting work that is too easy, there are 2 possible explanations.

  1. Your child made silly mistakes when doing the diagnostic tests. This can happen if the student is not encouraged sufficiently to try to get as much right on the diagnostic tests as they can or perhaps they were just tired or distracted during the test.
  2. Your child has a gap in their learning which the diagnostic test has identified.

If you believe your child has made careless errors on the diagnostic tests, there are several ways to solve it:

  • Your child can quickly review the module and mark it as mastered. This will put the module on the next test and, if it mastered on the test, it will remove the module from work to be completed.
  • Your child can select “Stop” after opening the module and then select “I can already do this work”. This will trigger a miniature diagnostic test on the concept presented in the module. If your child passes the mini diagnostic test, the module will be marked as mastered.
    Note: You can only use this option a few times. After that, the option will disappear and will need to do the diagnostic retest discussed below.
  • Where there are quite a number of silly mistakes on diagnostic tests, a diagnostic retest can be requested. A diagnostic retest will ask questions on all the topics that the student had incorrect on their original diagnostic tests.
    Note: For a student who has already completed all of their diagnostic tests, the diagnostic retest can take a long time. It may need a couple of sessions for them to complete it.