Maths Pathway

We are pleased to be able to provide home access to the Maths Pathway online system. 

The Maths Pathway system guides your child through their learning based on what your child knows and what they are ready to learn next. This is different from the way schools normally operate, where students are taught what is next in the curriculum whether they are ready for it or not.

Maths Pathway is excellent for people who want to home school or if you want to help your child achieve better results. You do not have to be good at maths yourself to use the system.

Students are enrolled with a Maths Pathway account and given access to diagnostic testing and learning modules. Each fortnight (cycle) there is a test that checks for mastery of modules undertaken during that cycle. The test usually comprises an online and written component. The written component is emailed in to be marked by our tutors who provide written feedback on it. The written component is important because it allows our tutors to access items that cannot easily be checked by an online test and provide feedback to help students better master the content.

Although we manage the accounts, Maths Pathway registration is not done directly through their site. You can sign up here.