Maths Pathway

We are pleased to be able to provide home access to the Maths Pathway online system. This excellent teaching program is normally only available to schools (currently being used in over 270 schools in Australia).

The Maths Pathway system guides your child through their learning based on what your child knows and what they are ready to learn next. This is different from the way schools normally operate, where students are taught what is next in the curriculum whether they are ready for it or not.

Maths Pathway is excellent for people who want to home school or if you want to help your child achieve better results. You do not have to be good at maths yourself to use the system.

There are 2 levels of access available as follows:

      • Level 1
        Students work through modules and complete testing each fortnight. This usually includes an online and written component. The written component is sent to us where our tutors mark the test and provide individual advice and feedback. This process means the person supervising the student does not need an educational mathematics background.
      • Level 2
        This is for students where the person supporting maths has a strong maths and learning background. Maths Pathways modules are completed by the student and a fortnightly test on that work. Being an online-only test, it is not possible to check completely for mastery of the modules so the person supporting the learning will need to keep a close eye on the learning to make sure modules are completely mastered.

Current Pricing Table

Level 1: 10 weeks access $95.99 (Inc. GST)
Level 2: 10 weeks access $79.99 (Inc. GST)
Note: Users can request one account suspension during each 10 week block to allow for holiday breaks
Maths Pathway Level 1

This gives single-user access to the Maths Pathway software for10 weeks and includes fortnightly testing, test marking and feedback.


AU$8.73 (tax)
Total: AU$95.99
X item(s)
(Student Names and their grade levels)
Maths Pathway: Level 2

Maths Pathway Families  This gives single-user access to the Maths Pathway software with online testing only.


AU$7.27 (tax)
Total: AU$79.99
X item(s)
(Student Names and their grade levels)