Maths Tutoring

Mathematics is highly structured and needs to be taught in a strict sequence so that lower-level concepts have been mastered before more complex topics are covered. 

Students who become good at mathematics share a few common traits:

  • They are able to see patterns in what they are learning and apply this in new situations.
  • They have good learning routines that lead to mastery of topics.
  • They have good metacognitive skills. This means that they can identify when they are having a problem and what the likely cause of the problem is.
  • They are tenacious learners.

Our tutoring is focused on the development of these traits.

How does it work?

We use Maths Pathway to form the base for the mathematics lessons. You can read a short overview of how it works here.

At the end of each cycle of work (fortnight) the student sits a test to ensure that they have mastered the content. After the test, the mentor conducts a one on one session with the student to reflect on the results of the test. Through discussion, a single strategy is devised to improve results on the next cycle. The idea is that the student implements this strategy in the next cycle of work and is able to reflect on the success of the strategy at the end of the following cycle.

This process of adding in new strategies and testing them eventually leads to the student having sound learning strategies that leave them as independent learners who can solve most of their own mathematics learning problems.

By using Maths Pathway, we find that students rarely need individual tutoring on the maths concepts, but we can provide additional individual lessons for an extra cost.

Parents' Role

The role of the parent is vital in developing mathematical skills. 

We run short 15-minute lessons with students and focus on the best learning routine to concentrate on next. The student needs to focus on this new routine for the next learning cycle. The parent needs to supervise during the following cycle to see that the student is focusing on the routine.

    Minimum Requirements

    Our course best aligns with students in mid-primary to mid-secondary.

    To use our tutoring, you need the following:

    • An internet connection that provides a reasonable speed (if you are able to stream video then your speed will be fine). Slower speeds will still work for most things but live sessions may be less responsive.
    • An internet connected device that has a microphone, speakers and camera.
      • For live lessons, a laptop or desktop machine is highly recommended.
      • For other lessons, a tablet, iPad or even a smartphone can be used.
    • A working email address that can be used by our mentors to communicate with you.
    • You may also need to be able to take photos of work and upload to our learning centre.
    Maths Tutoring (10 week block)


      • 10 week system access from the date of payment.

      • Fortnightly online one-on-one mentoring sessions up to 15 minutes.

      • Access to Maths Pathway lessons.

      • Unlimited emails to your tutor for help between live sessions.

    AU$25.00 (tax)
    Total: AU$275.00
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