Getting Started

Now that you’ve got access to the program, your child can get started right away. The first thing they’re going to do is a “diagnostic” – This tells the system what types of maths they can do already, and what they can’t do yet. This is a really important step because it forms the basis for the work we give them next. So, follow these simple rules when you do it:

  • Don’t guess. If you don’t know an answer, just skip the question. If you guess, you’re more likely to end up with work you can’t do later.
  • No calculators. The point of the diagnostic is not to check if you can push buttons, but how well you know different types of maths. You’ll get to use calculators later.
  • Use a pen and paper for working out. You can work out problems or try things on pen and paper while you’re doing the questions – in fact, you’ll be doing that a lot in the future anyway, so you might as well start now smile
  • Don’t panic. Nothing bad will happen if you get questions wrong. This is all just to get information about what you know. There’s no score or grade at the end.

Note: It will sometimes happen that you will need to do the second diagnostic test before you can access your work. This means you have answered just about everything correctly on the first test and now we need to test on some harder maths. To get a code to do the second diagnostic, send an email request to

 Now, let’s get going.

  1. Open the File “Student Logins( ).pdf”  (This file was emailed to you in the Welcome email). Click on the web link for your class.
  2. Click on your student name and type in your password.
  3. Answer the questions. Remember to use the tips from earlier! When you’re done, come back and check out Step 

 The diagnostic tests do not have a time limit. It is okay to take a break and come back to it if it is taking too long. They take around 45 minutes to complete but the time can vary widely depending on what your child already knows.