Home Schooling with Maths Pathway

Students get feedback

After each test, students see a summary of their progress.  The aim is to maximize growth. A  100% growth rate means they are on track to learn a year of the maths curriculum in one year, but Maths Pathway students frequently get far higher growth rates.

Teaching videos

Each module includes a video presented by mathS experts. These videos explain the concepts in simple steps with lots of examples.

Work timeline

This timeline sits prominently on the home screen. Students can see, at a glance, the work completed since the last test and when the next test is starting.

Learning map

Students choose modules from a learning map. This map shows all modules that are ready to be learned. As the student masters a module, it turns gold on the map. When a whole concept has been mastered, it assembles into a jewel.

Regular testing for mastery

Every 2 weeks, students sit a test on the work they have completed. This gives them feedback on how well content has been mastered. Tests have an online component and a written component. The written component is marked by our teachers and students get individual feedback.

Parent reports

Parents have access to a number of reports on their child’s learning. They can easily see how their child has been progressing recently or  against the Australian curriculum.

Work modules

Work modules are designed by mathematics experts. Each module takes the student through simple steps with exercises to master the concepts.

Work modules are designed for students to work in a regular workbook. 

No tutor required

This learning program is so well designed and thought out that nearly all our students find that they progress without the need for one on one tutoring.

More and more parents are changing to homeschooling. There are many reasons for this. For some it is because they feel schools are failing their child; others merely want to be able to travel. Whatever your reason for homeschooling, teaching mathematics usually causes the most stress.  This is because many parents are not very expert at mathematics themselves and mathematics learning is so scaffolded that it is difficult to know where to start and how to proceed.

Maths Pathway Home solves this:

  • Adaptive diagnostic tests determine what your child knows and what they are ready to learn next.
  • Modules cover levels 1 to level 10A of the Australian curriculum.
  • Each module is carefully crafted with small steps that lead to mastery of concepts.
  • Mastery is tested every 2 weeks so you and your child can be confident that they are ready for the next step in learning.
  • Each module has an accompanying video that further explains the concepts.
  • We use qualified teachers to monitor students and give feedback on written tests.
  • It develops strong learning habits that help them succeed in other subjects as well.

Maths Pathway Home is not an online clicking or game-based application. It is a serious maths program that is in use in over 270 primary and secondary schools in Australia.  Students are required to complete work in a workbook just like they would in a classroom.

Most of our students progress at a faster rate than they would in a standard classroom and a tutor is rarely required.


How does it work?

The easiest way to conceptualise Maths Pathway for home is as a ‘virtual classroom’: – students access their personalised learning path via an online portal, and a virtual teacher at Learning About Learning coordinates the administration and management that a classroom teacher would normally do. Students learn in fortnightly cycles, with a test at the end of each fortnight. The flowchart below describes the simple process we follow.