Completing the reflection

Congratulations on completing your first test. laughing Now you are ready to do your test reflection. 

Like everything in Maths Pathway, the reflection is there to help you with your learning. From research, it seems that people who are very successful at mathematics hate getting things wrong. When they do get something wrong, they go back and work out where they went wrong and change things so that they will not make the same mistake again! To help with this, Maths Pathway has created the reflection.

In the reflection, you are shown each question you got wrong. When you are shown a question you got wrong, here is what you should do:

  • Look at the answer you had and work out where you went wrong. If it was a silly mistake, you can fix it up right away and the answer will be remarked. 
  • If it was a mistake because you really had trouble with the question, then something went wrong with your learning for this module. Try to think about what that something is. Here are some common things that go wrong:
    • I did the module in a rush.
    • I did not correct until the end.
    • I skipped over some questions.
    • There was something I didn’t understand and I just skipped over it.
  • Use the reason things went wrong to set your own goal for the next cycle. For example, if you got questions wrong for a module because you rushed through it, your goal for the next cycle may be something like, “I’m going to take my time to do modules well even if that means I complete fewer modules in the next cycle.”

    When you do your next reflection, think about the goal you set last time. Did it make a difference?