3 Hacks to ace maths

Maths Pathway is brilliant at giving you the right maths for you at the right time and it has great tools and videos to help you when you are struggling. But to do really well and become better at maths there are some things that you must do, whether you are using Maths Pathway or another program. Follow these 3 hacks and you will be amazed at how much your results improvewink.

  1. Always use the following method when doing your maths work:
    • Do just one question.
    • Check the answer.
    • If you got the answer wrong, work out what went wrong, and do the question again. Do not go on until you have completed this step.

      Note: This works because it prevents you from making the same mistake over and over (which is what happens when you correct your work at the end). When we do the same thing over and over it starts to stick in the brain and it is hard to undo. People are also very unlikely to go back and redo questions if they wait until the end before checking their work.
  2. Do your work neatly in your workbook.
    Students who do their work in a messy way also tend to make a lot more mistakes when the maths gets a bit harder. This is because numbers, columns, and marks become confused. It also makes it very hard for you to work out where you went wrong and, if you can’t work out where you have gone wrong, then you can’t learn from it.
  3. Do every question.
    Maths Pathway modules are crafted by maths experts. The questions are designed to give you the right amount of work for you to master and remember the concept being taught. Each question you skip weakens this learning.