Maths Tutoring: Getting started

This is for students just starting with mathematics tutoring.

In the beginning, we run initial diagnostic tests and determine the student's needs. Once the diagnostics have been completed, and the results analyzed, we develop an individual work-plan for your child based on what they already know and are ready to learn next.

Lessons are individual and aim to help:

  • improve mathematical understanding,

  • Improve the learning strategies

  • Develop confidence in mathematical ability.


  • 4 weeks system access from date of payment.

  • Initial, remotely supervised diagnostic.

  • Weekly live one on one mentoring sessions.

  • Access to Maths Pathway lessons.

  • Unlimited live messaging to your tutor for questions between session.

<span class="asp_price_tax_section">AU$21.00 (tax)</span><div class="asp_price_full_total">Total: <span class="asp_tot_current_price">AU$231.00</span> <span class="asp_tot_new_price"></span></div>