About us

We are group of teachers who have found traditional classroom teaching frustrating. Most schools are constrained to teach particular things based on a child’s year level at school. This way of teaching leads to a constant focus on getting students to meet the year level objective. If a child is missing underlying skills, that skill is only covered briefly because it is not the objective for the teacher. Such a way of teaching never solves the underlying problems that hold a student back.


Schools are so focused on meeting the year level standards (the curriculum is very crowded) that little or no time time is spent on helping children understand how they are learning and how they can become better learners.  Knowing how to learn is an essential tool for students. 


We created Learning About Learning so that we can move beyond those constraints and provide what a child really needs to become a good learner.

We believe


– All children can learn

– The brain is like a muscle that grows

– Knowing how we are learning can help us be better learners

– Children are not born already smart, but with potential that can be developed

– Success in learning works best with the support of family

Our Mentors:

  • Are experienced, qualified teachers
  • Have a Working with Children Check
  • Have undergone specific training in the Learning About Learning model of tutoring

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